This man remains unbroken - no matter what's the charge
In whiskey he is soken, praying he was numb

The fuck I can't go on this way, beeing battled constantly
This life's a bitch, disease mature, a yoke I can't endure ...

...Anymore! And what for? Until you die you live a lie

Chemical reactions, electric parasite
A system never working,  a screen I can't rely

Crack the head and pull it out it's cancer not a brain!
It's useless shit, it hurts and kicks, it's driving me...

...Insane! I am to blame. Before you're born, you are torn:
Suppressing you a life you can't deny, oh leave me be!
Can't you see? I'm sick of the Enemy...

...Inside my head it's raging - a world of pigs I'm living in.
And if this world is failing, I am the one to blame
In the distance there's a thunder and the air is sick and worn
And sanity awaits in fear the approaching of the storm

Enemy, Enemy of mine
Enemy, Enemy ...

...Inside the hope is breaking - no solace for the dead
The beast is at my backdoor, the snakes are in my bed
Drink another glass against the years I had and lost
Digging through the past I tear away the crust!

Enemy, Enemy of mine
Enemy, Enemy INSIDE!

Spoken (Jesus): No man is an island, entire of itself. Everyone is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. So never send to know for whom the bell tolls! It tolls for thee! (Joe): What's going on with this fucked up world? Suicide... Suicide? SUICIDE!!!